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“Success is not about always wining, but to never be discouraged”. Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Success is about getting what you want. Happiness is about enjoying what you get”. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Success is not about what we have but what we are”. Jim Rohn.

Our path

Today’s change, tomorrow’s success.

Cambio Organizacional, S.C. Cambio Organizacional S.C. arises on March 1º, 2000, with the goal of meeting the needs of opening companies or in the search of an organizational change that allows them to be more productive and competitive in its national and international environment.

Cambio Organizacional, S.C. is founded with the aim of supporting man in his quest for continuous improvement in order to guarantee him an increase in productivity and thus continue its evolution, permanence and growth in the market to which day by day faces.

Starting on June 2º, 2007, Cambio Organizacional received ISO 9001:2001 Certification, which guarantees and backs up the quality of every service we offer and the commitment to our clients.

Currently, Cambio Organizacional has ISO 9001:2008 Certification in order to keep up to date with the requirements demanded by the market.

</p> <p>MISSION</p> <p>

We offer flexible and innovative organizational services through a specialized team to meet the specific needs of the client.

</p> <p>VISION</p> <p>

To keep innovating with technological dynamism on an international level with new products and services without losing human warmth.

</p> <p>VALUES</p> <p>
  • Service vocation
  • Ethical behavior
  • Learning
  • Discretion
  • Quality
  • Our people
  • Reliability

Dónde nos encontramos

QUERÉTARO: assessment center, reclutamiento mundial, outplacement, planeación de RH.
MÉXICO D.F.: arranque de planta, assessment center.Plant startup, assessment center.
MONTERREY: arranque de planta, assessment center, evento de inauguración, capacitación y desarrollo, team building, evaluación de 360º.
SALTILLO: asessment center, outplacement, reclutamiento y selección gerencial, clima laboral, evaluación de 360º, planeación de recursos humanos.
TOLUCA: assessment center, head hunting.
CHIHUAHUA: assessment center, head hunting.
GUANAJUATO: outplacement – head hunting, programa de desarrollo.
PUEBLA: assessment center, head hunting, clima laboral, planeación de recursos humanos.
ZACATECAS: arranque de operaciones de planta.
AGUASCALIENTES: headhunting mandos gerenciales, assessment center.
LEÓN: head hunting, assessment center, programa de desarrollo.
SAN LUIS POTOSÍ: todos los servicios.All services.


Arranque de la Planta: reclutamiento de todo el personal gerencial, mandos medios y operativos.
Assessment center de operarios.
Assessment center de empleados.


Arranque del servicio de outplacement con 15 directivos.Outplacement service startup for 15 Executives.

Teambuilding service startup.

Diplomado para mandos directivos y gerenciales (entrenamiento).Diploma course for Executive and Management levels (training).

Inicia la relación con Acero Prime con servicios de: reclutamiento y selección, assessment center y capacitación.Beginning of the relationship with Acero Prime with Recruitment and Selection, Assessment Center and Training services.
Primer grupo de desarrollo para mandos directivos utilizando el Assessment Center como herramienta de diagnóstico.First Development Group for Executive levels using an Assessment Center as a diagnostic tool.


Startup, from the conceptualization to the beginning of a Sports Club operations.
Consolidation of Cambio Organizacional as a Consulting Company.
Facilitation of the whole opening process.
Establishment of the pillars of their culture, alignment and execution.
Support in the relationship with “builder” clients.
Startup of support to schools and automotive companies.


Support in the startup of Telecommunication Company in San Luis Potosi.


Startup of Working Environment service in Automotive Companies.
Recruitment of more than 1000 people by Cambio Organizacional.


Opening of our offices at Julio Verne.
ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
Implementation and elaboration of more than 700 Socioeconomic Studies for Retail Companies launching.


Development Program using an Assessment Center as a diagnostic tool.


Startup of two Automotive companies, supporting in the recruitment of Management, Mid-management and operative levels.
Search of technical experts worldwide with the support of CONACYT and high-tech companies in the world.


First Mid-management level Development Group in which Cambio Organizacional supported.


Startup of Metalworking Plant with recruitment of al Management levels.


Opening of Cambio Organizacional second office in the World Trade Center at Industrial Zone of San Luis Potosí.
Cambio Organizacional celebrates 15 years of supporting the growth and development of human talent.

Startup of plant in Monterrey, collaborating in the inauguration and hiring of personnel with support from the Government of Nuevo Leon.
Startup of two Chinese plants and one German, all of them automotive.


Support in services of hotel trade.