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Recruitment and selection

Talent attraction that helps the best to achieve the objectives of your Company.


Done in-depth and allowing Companies to select the best candidate.

Psychometric Test


Aplicación e interpretación de pruebas psicométricas para la mejor selección de personal, tanto a niveles gerenciales, como mandos medios y personal operativo.Application and interpretation of psychometric tests that helps us in the personnel selection. For management levels, mid-level managers, and operative staff.

Socioeconomic Studies


It is an evaluation performed directly in the candidate’s home that allows us to identify if he will be related to the culture of the company and the viability of the routes to the work place.

Assessment Center


Herramienta recomendada para ubicar al personal en el puesto adecuado a su perfil, así como para definir la estrategia de capacitación y desarrollo a seguir.It is a tool recommended for companies to situate their people in the right place and to have clarity of what their training and development strategy should be.

Personal and Labor Verification

Detailed job and personal research in order to check if it is a recommendable candidate to occupy the vacant position, looking to ensure the success in its recruitment.